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    Default nails showing through

    I have a 10 year old home (which I built myself ) and now I have the nails on the out side ONLY walls showing through the paint on the drywall. (this suggests to me that maybe because the wall is colder through the winter it's discoloring.) they're NOT nail pops! just discoloration that approximates the nail head size... you can see EVERY nail where there is paint.. the wallpapered areas DON'T show through.... some areas have been repainted and after a short while (maybe a year) we start to notice the nails again. the walls that have the problem are 2x6 walls with R20 insulation and a 6 mil vapor barrier.. any suggestions?

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    Default Re: nails showing through

    What happens is the metal nails telegraph cold from the framing and unheated spaces through the drywall; the cold attracts condensation, and dust (and mold spores) adhere, and discolor the paint.
    I'm afraid the very act of cleaning may leave obvious patchiness even if it gets off the stains you still may have to repaint. There's no long-term remedy, other than keeping dust out of the air.
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    Default Re: nails showing through

    Yep --- sounds like what's commonly referred to as " ghosting ".
    Like S_M mentioned ( in your case ) the nails are the coldest point of the wall.
    The dust , soot from candles , fireplaces or oil fired appliances will be attracted to the coldest parts of the wall. In extreme cases the entire outline of studs in walls or ceiling joists can be outlined. Also as jkirk mentioned there may also be a bit of higher humidity that contributes to the issue.
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