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    Default Duct Replacement

    House Built in 1945.
    Two Story 3 Bedrooms upstairs.
    Furnace is forced air.

    The floor joists run from the front of the house to to back of the house.

    The house tends to smell like old plaster in the summer on hot days.

    This past weekend, I noticed that the some cold and warm air ducts are just open cavities in the floor joists(12inch) on the 2nd floor. Which explains what I'm smelling.

    2 warm air and 2 cold air ducts are offset by 2 feet from where they come up from the basement.

    The furnace will be replaced in a couple of years and I'd like to replace the duct work at the same time.

    I'm wondering if there is an HVAC duct system that can be used so that I don't tear apart the nice cove ceilings on the 1st floor in order to run proper duct lines.
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    Default Re: Duct Replacement

    Hi flexible insulated duct will do the job and now there is smaller size available. When getting furnace bids have them bid the duct repairs too. Change furnace filters more often

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