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    Question Hazard with Concrete Septic Valves Cap/Collar

    We have a low pressure septic system for our 12-year old house. As part of the system, two valves can be adjusted to help regulate the flow to the main lines (these have never been touched so far in our 12 years). These valves needed to be placed near the system, but unfortunately, that dictated that they be placed in the middle of our yard. To protect the valves, they placed a concrete collar around the valves and topped it with a concrete cap. The concrete cap is an eyesore, and it is also dangerous since it makes playing in the yard a hazard for everyone (especially children).

    Any suggestions to help remove this eyesore and hazard? We were thinking of simply removing the cap (and quite possibly the collar), placing a sturdy cover over the valves (if needed), and filling the hole with dirt or even stone. This would allow access in the future to the valves (with some digging), but would remove the concrete cap/collar which is the hazard.

    And sorry for the cross posting. Had no idea if this belonged in Landscaping or Plumbing.

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    Default Re: Hazard with Concrete Septic Valves Cap/Collar

    Or you could raise the grade and cover the whole thing with dirt and turf.

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    Default Re: Hazard with Concrete Septic Valves Cap/Collar

    Like i.m. plummin said, raise the grade up to the level of the top so it isn't a tripping hazard. Still a bit of an eyesore, but I wouldn't bury the valves. Trust me you'll regret it eventually.
    It looks like some kind of smaller cover/access panel could be devised if you can find something that would work.

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    Default Re: Hazard with Concrete Septic Valves Cap/Collar

    I would have to suspect the concrete was used to protect those valves from being broken or worse yet busting the connection to the pipes .... I would hate to think what kind of mess that would be.

    So removing the concrete may not be wise in my opinion .... grading the area sounds like a good idea.

    2 cents worth.
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    Default Re: Hazard with Concrete Septic Valves Cap/Collar

    You could probably replace the concrete box and cover with an irrigation valve box set on grade with the lawn, however if you ever do need to operate the valves, you may wish that you had more room to work.

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