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    Default New grey shade primer

    Does anybody know anything about this?
    A special gray primer now available will bring out the true color of your chosen paint chip for your interior paint job. Using primers is important to getting coverage with fewer coats. This newer paint primer with the proper shade of gray tint will outperform the old white primer paint/sealers and get your job done faster with fewer coats.

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    Default Re: New grey shade primer

    I usually get a primer tinted as close as i can to my finished color! That seams to work about the best as far as coverage! i supose grey would be a good choice if your finished color was black or a dark color! i think you should go to your local paint supply store to check with them! And i don't mean a home store that sells paint go to a store that only sells paint~
    Good luck with your painting!

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    Default Re: New grey shade primer

    Actually a gray primer helps bring out the final color of your paint... better than tinting the primer.
    a Chaska, MN Painter

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    Default Re: New grey shade primer

    I've used primers in different ways depending on the top coat color. Yellows work best with a white primer while reds work best with black or gray primer. If the gray primer is very dark, I'd be careful where I use it. The best thing with most colors is to buy the highest quality paint to get better coverage with one coat.

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