I live in Grayslake, Illinois and have a house the town assessor says was built in 1928. I was told the house's style is that of a California bungalow. I've been doing a lot of work on it and found a newspaper from 1923 under the threshold of the front door. Now I'm thinking the house was built before 1928 and looking for a way to prove that. I called our historical society but all they could tell me is that the plot was bought in 1907, which doesn't prove the house was built in 1907. So all I know is that the land was purchased by the first owner in 1907. To give you a little background, my block and neighborhood has houses dating back to the 1800's. For example, the house about 5 doors down was built in 1907 and one a few down from that in 1923. A few things about my house: (1) it's stucco; (2) it has a brick foundation as well as brick footings; (3) it's 1.5 stories; (4) it has a gable roof with a dormer in the center. I'm not sure if any of that helps. Does anyone have any experience in finding the age of a house? Any help would be greatly appreciated.