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    Default How to plane an old door? I'm a rookie...

    One of the bedroom doors in my old home is pretty badly bowed. I found an extra door in the attic that looks like it could be a perfect replacement, but it's 3/16" too wide. I am a "rookie" handyman, with very limited tools... Is there any easy way for me to shave 3/16" off this door (i.e., is there an inexpensive tool I could buy), or do I need to call in our handyman with his "pro tools"?


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    Default Re: How to plane an old door? I'm a rookie...

    You can use a router and a straight edge to take the 3/16" off, do it at about 1/16" at a time. You could use a plane, mark a straight line and plane to it. Or you can use a belt sander, mark a line and sand to it, this will take the most time. If it's a solid door you can use a straight edge and circular saw. A steel stud ( available at most home centers works well as a straight edge. If you use a circular saw get a good 60 or 80 tooth blade and mask the cut line to reduce tear-out.
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    Default Re: How to plane an old door? I'm a rookie...

    Ditto what Jack said. To clarify, "masking" the cut line is to place masking tape or painters tape along the edge of the door, then mark the cut line on the masking tape, then use a utility knife to cut the tape and the top surface of the door before using the saw. This will prevent the surface from chipping and tearing. Finish up with a belt sander or a block sander to smooth the edge of the door and you'll be good to go.
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