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    Default Tree not Growing????

    We have a Cherry tree in my front yard which we planted about 9 years ago and it really hasn't grown since we planted it. The ground is clay and when I planted it I did make sure that the hole was bigger and I added top soil and have kept it free of weeds. It does seem to be growing? I was wondering if I should till around it to losen the clay or is there something else I should?

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    Default Re: Tree not Growing????

    did you fertilized it?
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    Default Re: Tree not Growing????

    Check the depth of planting - I'll bet it's too deep. Find the root flare (the place where the first major roots originate from the trunk). This is the level to which it should be planted.

    If it is too deep, it's really too late to replant it. You can try removing soil from around the tree down to this level, but be careful of the roots - most of the tree's roots will be in the upper 12" of soil, and they will be damaged pretty easily. You can lower the grade and add mulch (approx 4", keeping it away from the trunk). An arborist with an airspade may be able to help here.

    If the tree is planted at the right height, you can use a pick (or an airspade) to loosen the soil around the tree (a tiller would absolutely destroy the root system!). You can backfill the pick holes with sand, compost, etc.

    If you are going to fertilize, get a soil test (free from your cooperative extension office) before you do. it will tell you what the tree needs.

    Any pictures?

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    Default Re: Tree not Growing????

    Not really sure what's being meant by not growing .... not producing cherries?

    Cherry trees can grow in just about any type of soil including clay as long as it will drain.
    They don't like to have there roots wet .... in other words is the tree located in a lower area of the yard where water may collect?

    Cold winters seem to help for producing fruit the following season.

    Mulch is not recommended since they don't like the roots to be wet and they don't seem to care for too much fertizier.

    Some links................

    Hope this helps.
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