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    Question Ideas for access to main water line

    I recently dug up the 3/4" water line that services my house. I sweated on a ball valve and relocated the hose bibb to the meter side. I am looking to cover the hose bibb with a round irrigation type box and still have access to the ball valve that is roughly 2' below grade. All of the irrigation boxes I have been able to find are only about 10" long. What type of material could I use to keep from back filling the hole. I know there is 12" culvert that would be perfect. But I am unwilling to use that due to cost. Any ideas would be really appreciated. Thanks

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    Default Re: Ideas for access to main water line

    If you can find a piece of PVC culvert , that would work well . Try asking around at a construction site for a scrap piece .
    I've done it several times .

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