Dear This Old House,

My sprinkler has 6 zones. When it is watering zones 1 and 2, it sounds like there is a bad pump running it inside the house. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr. The noise is not the initial water hammer. It continues as long as the sprinkler is on. It is pretty loud inside the house. It is pretty quiet outside.

- Zones 1 and 2 water the front yard. They are the most noisy and they stay noisy as long as they are working. They are plastic head sprinklers.
- Zone 3 is a small flower bed so it is pretty quiet. They are metal head sprinklers.
- Zone 4 covers the side and it is pretty noisy but not as much as 1 and 2. They are also the plastic head sprinklers.
- Zone 5 is four large rotors in the back yard. When the sprinkler moves from zone 4 to zone 5 it roars as 4 and 5 run together for about 15 seconds. Then it becomes fairly quiet when 4 shuts down.
- Zone 6 has the same type sprinklers as used in zones 1 and 2. They cover bushes in the back yard. You can hear the noise but not too bad.

I have called a plumber who told me to call a sprinkler spe******t who told me to call a plumber. Over the past 4 years, we have gone through several plumbers and sprinkler spe******ts with no good ideas. I also called a contractor who told me to call the city. The city came and looked at the pressure at the main. They found good pressure in the lines and they said that they cannot help.

This Old House: can you please help me solve this problem.