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    Angry Replacing cabinet door

    Hi, I have a question about replacing kitchen cabinet doors. My kitchen cabinets have laminated finish. The doors are very outdated and some are broken, but the inside is perfectly fine. Instead of spending money to replace the entire unit, I was wondering if it's possible to only replace the doors. If the doors were made of wood, I think I can just go to Lowes/Homedepot to get them replaced. But the problem is that the doors have laminated finish. I'm not sure which store to even ask. Also, even though my cabinets have laminated finish, is it possible to replace the doors with wooden finish? Thank you.

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    they both sell doors with a laminate finish. you would need to have measurements of all your cabinets and opening sizes if you are planning or replacing them yourself. would also suggest taking one of your old doors in with you, this way you can obtain a close color match. this would also give them a chance to make sure on type of hinges as well

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    I'm assuming you want to replace all the cabinet and cupboard doors, correct? If so, then I have a couple of points for you;

    1) Find any style and color door you like and just replace everything. My personal opinion, get a good solid wood door, they hold up better that laminated/chipboard doors.

    2) There are companies by me that do what is called a "reface" They reface the front of the cabinets and cupboards with a new laminate and put on new doors. Maybe something like this would work for you.

    Good luck,

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