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    Default Unpleasant hot water odor

    We recently purchased a cabin and discovered that there's an unpleasant odor at all sinks when running the hot water. There's a kitchen and bathroom sink on first floor and a bathroom sink on second floor. We didn't test the shower or bathtub. We don't smell the odor when cold water is running. Water source is a drilled well to a 50 gallon hot water heater. The cabin has a septic system.

    Any ideas on cause of the odor?

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    Default Re: Unpleasant hot water odor

    There are so many possibilities that it would be hard to pin it down. Were I live there is sulphur, bacteria, methane, industrial pollutants and even animals that have fallen in as potential causes of a well being fouled.

    You might be better off to get a professional in to look things over and get the water off to the lab to be tested.


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