Howdy from Earthquake Country!

We just bought a 1959 Ranch style home in the SF bay area. We have a post and pier foundation that includes some adjustable screw jacks. The house was a probate sale so there is limited information on the house history. Over ~50 years the house has sunk an inch or less in places (we are also on fill dirt) resulting in the drywall cracking along the seams. Our cracks appear where the drywall is taped ...amongst other places. The walls are also textured with knockout texture which makes patch jobs a pain.

We attempted to retape and mud some of the seams but a recent earthquake damaged our tape job before we even finished. Given our zip code, we have a feeling we are going to become experts, ha, ha.

What is the best way to go about repairing these cracks? I am thinking latex painters caulking may allow more flexibility in the corners and around the ceilings. I want to conceal the cracks as much as possible - as I know they will reappear thanks to our shifting soil. Is there another product that might work better?

Any suggestions, we are trying to avoid repeated rework...