I moved in this 1954 house which has some upgrades but not the plumbing. Pressure runs good as long as no 2 sites are one at the same time. Example when the bath shower is on, and someone flushes the commode or even turns on any other faucet (cold or hot line or both), the shower pressure drops and turns colder too. I had the city do pressure test. This is the reading:
Street: GPM=18/PSI=60 and house GPM=7/PSI=60. The tech did not give any advise other than noted that it was not the city problem. I guessed the interior plumbing must have deposits. Will 'cleaning' out the pipes solve the problem? Or the only solution is re-plumbing. Should I also consider putting a new line form street to house (which I did not think necessary.)
Need your advise. I am tired of getting cold showers.