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    Default Chair rail on plaster walls

    I am preparing to do some painting and remoldeling. I am looking to replace my baseboards and install some chair railing. I have a plaster walls and I am wondering the best way to o this?

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    Default Re: Chair rail on plaster walls

    Shouldn't be a problem. Just mark the wall where you want the chair rail and nail it on. If you can identify where the studs are, you'll get a better job out of it. Once you've got the chair rail (and base) nailed on the wall, just caulk the seam and paint. It'll look fine.

    Good Luck.

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    Default Re: Chair rail on plaster walls

    I agree with the last post. find the studs and nail it on. Ive down rail and crown like that a few times and never had a problem w/ the plaster cracking. but.. i used a nail gun(16 ga); not a hammer

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