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    Default clogged drains between sink & tub

    I live in an older home (1940's) We've been dealing with a clogged sink. everytime you run water it would fill up. take approx. 15 minutes to drain..then, good to go. Finally got tired of this week. Used a CLR product for the drains...waited 15 minutes and the sink was unclogged. However, later that day, husband and daughter took showers....tub won't drain now. And to top it off....if you run water or cleaners in backs up the tub drain. How can we unclog or do we need to get a plumber?

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    Default Re: clogged drains between sink & tub

    Sounds like the sink clog was loosened by the CLR, and moved downstream to a point below where the tub drain ties in.

    More CLR, poured down the tub drain, may get the clog moving on to where the drain joins a larger pipe. If that fails, you probably need a professional drain cleaner to snake the line.

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