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    Default Align French Doors

    After installing pre-hung interior French doors and making sure the frame is plumb and level, I find that one of the doors hangs a little too far from the jamb at the top hinge. The gap between the door and jamb is wider at the top hinge than it is at the bottom hinge, and consequently when I close the doors, the top edges touch before the doors are fully closed. Can this be corrected by setting the top two hinges deeper in the jamb? I know I could just plane the edge where the doors meet, but I'd rather not do that if there is a better way.

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    Before trying to do anything, make sure the hinge screws are all tight, from top to bottom. Many times screws become loose or strip out allowing the door to sag a bit. Another trick is to remove one of the jamb side screws and install a longer screw that will reach into the framing behind the jamb. This one screw will often times pull the jamb tighter to the framing just enough to cure your problem without causing any warp, tweak, or other alignment issue with the jamb and door.

    Do not try to set the hinges deeper, you'll cause the back of the door to bind with the hinges and jamb and the doors won't close at all.
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    even though you said you checked plumb and square check one other thing. measure your door opening at the top then check your door opening at the bottom and you will probally find at least some difference there, you will probally find that the opening is slightly larger at the bottom then the top. and the problem side will be the one that has more space at the top of the hinge. as the bottom is wider it will bring the top further in and put more pressure on the hinges causing the wider gap. this is a common problem when installing french doors. I know this because ran across the identical problem last night over helping a friend till almost midnight.

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    corner to opposite corner to check square.

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