in the middle of patching half the kitchen ceiling. home is say from 1910-20 right in there somewhere. We left the lathing up and attached the drywall with 2" screws. For all intensive purposes the drywall is there. Have a few worries about seasonal shifts in temp/RH affecting expansion and contraction but not much can be done about it. My main concern is the joints where the drywall meets the old plaster. The gaps vary from 1/2 to 1/16th of an inch. The gap doesn't bother me as much as the discrepancies in the the vertical difference between the plaster and drywall. Some of it is level and at some points the plaster or drywall are about 1/4 to 1/2 inch different in height/over hang whatever you want to call it.

I assume mesh tape might be more effective than paper due to the differing materials. The problem I am struggling with is apply more Joint compound or plaster over the areas where the joints are way off in a vertical sense. I am not sure what material to use to adhere to the plaster side since it is painted and need something to adhere well to feather out over at the very least 12 inches in width over the joints to compensate for the height discrepancy. At this point just trying to get this solved and down the road might end up putting 1/2 drywall over the whole ceiling but due to time constraints have to finish this up ASAP.

if anything is unclear let me know and i will attempt to clarify. ANY AND ALL INPUT is appreciated. Not looking for perfection b/c it is just unattainable in this situation. Just trying to get something up there that will hold and not look completely horrific.

Thanks in advance.