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    Default Wiring for A/C Condenser


    I'm running wiring for two 1.5 condensers. The details for each unit are as follows. I'm trying to determine the (1) wire size from the main panel to the outside fuse box, (2) Fuse at main panel, and (3) Fuse at outside box. Thanks.

    Phase Frequency Voltage: 1-60-208/230

    Rate Load Amps: 9/9
    Locked Rotor Amps: 48

    Fan Motor Full Load Amps: .6
    Minimum Circuit Ampacity: 12/12

    Fuse or HACR Circuit Breaker:
    Min: 15/15
    Max: 20/20



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    Default Re: Wiring for A/C Condenser

    well there tellin you the size of fuses they want to protect the equp alreardy. and according to your info, you can get by with a 12/2 with ground. however i believe ive never hooked up one with just a 12/2 all the ones ive hooked up have been a 10/2. now thats a piece. so you will want to run a 12 awg for each one all the way to the panel. as far as for a disconnect, i dont believe you need a fuse at the unit, just a disconnect!

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