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    Default Driveway expansion strips

    The wood expansion strips between the concrete sections of my driveway are rotting and pulling out. Is there another expansion medium that I can use instead of wood?


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    Default Re: Driveway expansion strips

    If this is a diy project, perhaps the least expensive approach is to use cold patch asphalt.

    This comes in 60 lb sacks, & as the title indicates, requires no heating; best applied when the temp is above 60 degrees.

    There os a TOH article called "Blacktop and Beyond" which recommends shoveling or troweling the asphalt patch into the joints in 1" layers & pounding it down with a piece of 2 X 4 & a hand-held sledge hammer, although a regular hammer will probably do as well.

    They also mention Dalton's Pli Stix, which is rope-like in appearance, placed in the joint & heated with a propane torch.

    There are plenty of crack fillers that come in caulking gun tubes, but these would be much more expensive on a driveway job.

    There are several versions of the TOH article, none of which will post on this board; try to Google "Blacktop and Beyond" if you want to read the article.
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    Default Re: Driveway expansion strips

    In addition to the remedies posted by Jack, I was at HD yesterday and came across commercial concrete caulking. It comes in buckets and is troweled into the gap. I'd also use the caulking rope that they sell. It's a foam based "rope" and you just stuff it down the crack, leaving about 1" above the rope for caulking. Fill up the 1" space and it'll work for you. If you want to be neat about it, you can even run a strip of masking tape on both sides of the crack and peel it off before the caulk sets up.

    You can trowel the caulking into the crack and once it sets up, you should be good to go for a good while. I don't like asphalt simply because it's so messy. I'm a DIYer and I hate messes. I leave that to those in the business if it's going to get too messy. Asphalt sounds like it could get that way.

    Good Luck.

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    Talking Re: Driveway expansion strips

    It would be best to remove as much as the redwood with a hawkbill knife or similar tool. The caulk rope that was mentioned previously is a resilient poly foam that is sure to come in a size as wide as the expansion joint you are filling. I've seen it in 20ft lengths also. So once you have the old redwood out and its been replaced with the caulk rope you can then purchase a product similar to Sikaflex which is a polyurethane-based, non-sag elastomeric sealant that comes in 28oz and smaller tubes to fill the void you have intentionally left. You can then sprinkle the Sikaflex with a premium play sand to make that expansion joint look like it should have in the first place hahaha. Heres a vid on the Sikaflex sealant Good Luck

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