I bought this Clopay 2050 on Sep 10, 2011 at HOME DEPOT (Brampton) and planning to install in the weekend. But when I open the Boxes and check every item list in the manual before do the installation and found out that the parts were missing, all most every important pieces are missing. In the manual and CD mention to call 1-800-225-6729 . I did call the number then they said I bought from Home Depot I should contact to Home depot and transfer my call to Home Depot , the person answer from Home deport transfer me back to Clopay support, at Clopay support try to transfer me back to Home depot again then I asked why did you guys just passing around, because i just call and the same person answer my call . I'm so frustratred and came direct to home depot and ask the gentement working at the Windows and doors apartment , he try to help me and order the new set hardware for me to replace the missing one. But untill today Sep 26, 2011 I still don't have any information about the replacement hardware. I came to home depot again and ask the status of the hardware, the genterment working there tell me the hardware still NOT SHIP. Now I have no choice is have to wait , because I told them I will return the Garage door and buy from another store, He said problably it will be the same, it may be all the dooor have missing pieces, and I will be charge on the re stock fee of the garage door.
Now I have to wait for the replacement hardware come, and hopefully that it's will come before the end of this year. It's screw up all my of my plans and schedules, every thing have to changes
This is my experience with the Clopay garage door product. Good luck for you all want to buy this product and you may be have the bester luck than me.