I have two Clopay and two Amarr. Both are OK quality painted steel doors, although the Amarr has substantial insulation. The Clopays are 9 x 8' on my pole barn and are subjected to some real abuse from the weather, firewood, wayward tractor driving, etc. After about 6 years they have held up well with no rust (they're steel) even in a wet, snowy northern climate.

After 3 years the Amarr units have done well too, and I will add that the insulation in my attached garage has really helped out. These are two 8 x 8' units with one row of windows with inserts. I paid $1150 including install for both, which is what Lowe's wanted just for the doors.

I also have 4 openers, a basic Chamberlain, an upgraded Chamberlain with belt drive and battery backup and two chain driven Genie models. I like the structure on the Genie brand, but the belt driven Chamberlain is very quiet and has a nice set of light bulbs/covers. There is so much light I don't need another light in my attached garage (the wall plate has a switch for the lights separate). Also, being in a rural area the battery backup (which is supposed to last 5-7 years before you need a new battery and about 15 door cycles up and down) has been invaluable during power outages.

As far as shopping and install, GO WITH A DOOR DEALER!! They're going to do it right in a very short period of time and be equipped with the parts/accessories, etc. they might need in a pinch!

Good luck.