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    Default Storm Window Dilemma

    We own a 1915 four square in Duluth, MN. Duluth is in Northern MN on the shores of Lake Superior. Winters can get quite cold (-10 below is not uncommon).

    Our windows are the originals which I have been restoring (stripping restaining or painting, weather stripping, new ropes, etc.). The storms are not original, they are very poor quality combinations. Very leaky, loose, etc.

    We're looking for new storm windows that are tight and appropriate to the look of the house. All of our windows are cottage style which complicates some options.

    We've been told by some that new wood storms (like the originals) would be the best. Our local custom shop charges almost $500 new manufactured storm (includes painting and install).

    I've seen other options for aluminum framed (painted) storm solutions from companies such as Allied. However, I've read that these metal frames may actually not help the situation as they will conduct the cold.

    I could really use some guidance from those with experience both with storm window options in one of the norther climates.


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    Default Re: Storm Window Dilemma

    We're finally back on track with sorting out a storm window solution.

    I could really use some feedback on this dilemma. Ideas anyone?

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    Default Re: Storm Window Dilemma

    Keep this in mind: Aluminum is a conductor - Wood is an insulator.

    That being said, I am making my own. I bought a table saw (craigslist/used) & a I will buy the wood & do it myself. I will learn...somehow.

    For this winter maybe on some windows, put some board up on the outside, I have a friend who hangs heavy beadspreads over the windows. Close off areas you won't use often.

    In other words...rig it up any way you can for the season.

    Don't let some salesperson rip you off by selling you something you can make yourself.

    BTW...I'm a woman & if I can do it, so can the guys!
    The true Craftsman is nearly extinct,
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