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    Talking what size support header needed

    the wife wants to tear down the wall between the kitchen and living room , which is a support wall and i will have about a 18 -19' opening which will need a support header and the max height of the header can only be 12-13" with that long of a span do you recommend a steel i-beam instead of a wooden one. thank you

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    Default Re: what size support header needed

    It would depend on what is being supported by this wall. I would consult a structural engineer or architect who can assess the structure. They will be able to provide plans, material specs, and load calcs that you'll need to acquire the permits and do the work.
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    Default Re: what size support header needed

    rjr ... There are some things that can't be answered over the INTERNET sight unseen .... this is definitely one of those.

    What you are describing is a beam and not a header and is a critical requirement to be appropriate for everyone involved .... the building inspectors , your home insurance , your personal safety.

    When it comes to structural integrity and safety you need someone qualified on site to determine what is required for your situation. Hiring a professional like an engineer is really the way to go. They would be able to provide the options available as well certified drawings which when having their endorsement is like ****.

    Just a thought.
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