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    Default Tire ruts in Asphalt driveway

    I live in NJ and had a completely new driveway installed one year ago. A new base was put down. The driveway looks good, however I have individual garage doors and tire ruts have appeared near them. The contractor (who is reputable) is willing to saw cut the area and put down new asphalt. However, he says the ruts will most likely re-appear.

    Is there any way to prevent this from happening? Is it possible to use concrete for the 10 feet near the garage to prevent the rutting (I have never seen this done)?

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    Default Re: Tire ruts in Asphalt driveway

    What's the bearing capacity of the soil? Was the area compacted? What's the thickness of the asphalt?

    To get ruts something is either wrong with the subbase or the asphalt isn't thick enough to withstand the weight you're running over the top of it.

    Cutting out the asphalt and pouting a concrete pad, will likely result in cracking of the slab if there is a problem with the soil or compaction of the subbase.

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