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    Default Electric Heat Pump Water Heater

    Hi Guys,
    Currently I do not have a separate hot water heater. The heating is by a Peerless oil burner. I want to install a separate water heater, what are my options ?
    I have heard about "Electric Heat Pump Water Heater" .... but I am confused.... does that thing work only with an existing separate water heater OR can I just get that and be done ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Electric Heat Pump Water Heater

    If you're referring to the unit that was on ATOH a few weeks ago, it is a self contained unit, not something that is attached to an existing system.

    Describe your problem, what you're trying to do, and why you want to change your water heating system. With this info, we may be able to help.
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    Default Re: Electric Heat Pump Water Heater

    Bottom line is that it is an electric hot water heater with a heat pump sitting on top of it. It costs a lot more to start with, and I personally question that you would ever gain back in savings the extra you put into it--though I do not have any hard data on that. It will use its electric heating elements for quick recovery when needed as the heat pump is slower in heating the water. Also it takes the heat out of the air of the area it is in, so if you thought your basement was cool during the winter time, wait till you feel it when the heat is removed from it by the heat pump to heat the water.

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