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    Default How do I get into the salvage business

    I have always had an interest and love for salvaging elements of old homes and buildings and reusing them. I would like to use my experience in this field and one day open up such a business. Any suggestions on how to get started? Any associations or organizations that offer good advice? I promise I will not open the business in your area. Thanks and happy hunting.

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    Default Re: How do I get into the salvage business

    One of the best ways to learn all there is about the salvage business is by visiting various architectural salvage stores around the country. You'll find that most salvagers are also ready to share their advice with you, particularly if you're not opening an architectural antiques store in their area!

    There isn't an industry association for architectural salvage, yet, but there are two good publications (full disclosure -- I am the publisher of both) that serve the architectural salvage industry. One is Architectural Salvage News ( and the other is the recently published Directory of Architectural Salvage and Antique Lumber Companies (www.architecturalsalvagedirectory)

    Good luck with your plans!
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    Default Re: How do I get into the salvage business

    We are asked quite often how we got started and what it takes. I just finished a post on our blog with our experience. If interested it's

    Island Girl Salvage

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    Default Re: How do I get into the salvage business

    Hi - New here. I've been in the salvage business since the mid 1980s. I began in scrap metal, did some deconstruction, some electronics and lately back into deconstruction and building salvage. I found in the building materials and deconstruction part of the salvage business that I could pretty much sell the material as it was coming down or even before. Just a few flyers and ads seemed to do the trick and if I was doing the work on a busy thoroughfare - all the better. I've got some articles about it and a general ebook at recyclingsecretsdotcom. Also some more recent photos of my current deconstruction project on my blog.

    Good luck - it's a good business to be in especially during these tough economic times.


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