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#1...who's fault it is? You did say the house isn't in great shape. You shoulda walk away from it in first place....remember this...there are no victims, just volunteers.

#2... If the house were damage by fire or whatever you can think of, what differences does it make? It is repaired isn't it? Inspector will know if your house has structure issue.
It is like buying a used car from private seller or dealership, the car may be in fender bender or whatever but it looks good and drives good and no structure issue, the car is safe to drive..period! Don't bother telling me about Car fax, it is the biggest joke. Car Fax report is not nearly 50 to 100% accurate.

libcarp said it best......So what? If it was repaired and you or the home inspector didn't notice it what difference does it make?

anyway, about the fire damage...when did it happen?
You did mention you got fire report...post the date here.....

Seems like that if there was a structural problem in the house the inspector would have told us about it....from all of the above comments ...i conclude that the repairs fixed the problem after the fire and thats why no disclosure was needed. This thread is the result of not trusting the inspector's results since he did not mention the fire. It made me anxious about the safty of the house, thinking " if didnt mention this, i dont know what else ( that is structural or danger of some other form) he may have not mentioned. I guess I am wrong to think that?

The fire took place in early 2007!