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    Default Outdoor Ceiling Fan

    My wife and I are going through an addition, which includes a 36ft x 24ft patio and living in Florida, air circulation is key. I am looking to purchase 4 ceiling fans, is there any that you recommend?

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    Default Re: Outdoor Ceiling Fan

    Ceilings fans are more a matter of taste than effect. They’re simple construction and they’ve been around for hundreds of years so there’s not much to complain about them.

    In my experience, if you have the room, 52-inch radius fans with wide blades are the best. I like Hampton Bay but I suppose that’s more because that’s what I’ve owned and they seem to be reliable.
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    Default Re: Outdoor Ceiling Fan

    Make sure the fan is intended for outdoor use . A lot of indoor fans use blades made from some kind of pressed board material . The humidity quickly causes them to droop and warp .
    Not to mention the motor housings will rust .

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