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    Default Enlarging opening in oven cabinet

    I am installing an oven and a microwave in a tall cabinet. The cabinet opening needs to be enlarged to accommodate the appliances. What is the best way to protect the finished surfaces when I make the cuts?

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    Default Re: Enlarging opening in oven cabinet

    Depends on what you're using to make the cuts. If using a router, then no protection will be necessary. If using a circular saw, apply blue painters tape to either the shoe on the saw or the cabinet face frame, mark and cut accordingly. you can even go so far as to score the cut line with a utility knife to cut through the finish and surface of the wood, minimizing tear-out. If using a jigsaw, then use a downward cutting blade. If using a sawzall, don't allow the shoe of the tool to touch the face faceframe, use a slower speed and a fine tooth wood blade.
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