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    Default Problems with wallpaper

    I'm hanging a solid print (paper) green wallpaper. While brushing out air bubbles, I'm noticing white spots showing through the paper. The white spots feel like there are tiny bumps under the paper. There's a layer of oil based primer over a previous wallpaper backing with a wallpaper water-based primer over the entire surface. Is there a brushing technique you can suggest or any other tips to prevent bumps from showing through? Also, the paper seems don't line up squarely even though the first piece is plumb. Are there any suggestions to help with this issue as well?

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    Default Re: Problems with wallpaper

    When you hung the first piece of paper did you make a straight plumb line the full length of the run? Do you then line the paper up on the edge of the hung paper? Also you must be careful how you handle wet paper it stretches if not handled properly.

    The white spots are probably small tears or scraps in the colored surface caused by to much pressure while brushing out air bubbles. I always go over walls with a sc****r before papering to remove bumps.

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