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    Default Moen Faucet Finishes?

    We're thinking of buying a Moen bathroom faucet in "Oil Rubbed Bronze". I'm nervous. The owners manual for all moen faucets wants you to put car wax on to protect the finish. Are they really that fragile??? This sounds crazy to me. I don't want it if simply cleaning it down the road is going to ruin the finish. I'm now thinking of avoiding Moen products over this.

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    Default Re: Moen Faucet Finishes?

    First I've heard of such a thing and I think you're right to be worried. I've never been a Moen fan, I prefer Delta or Pfister. Delta used to display their faucets with a pad of steel wool to prove you couldn't scratch their finish. Whether that is still the case or not, I do not know. Also, it's pretty hard to damage the finish on most fixtures unless you're using abrasive cleansers all the time.
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    Default Re: Moen Faucet Finishes?

    The reason for htis is so that calcium can be wiped off easily. You wont have to use abbrasives. i have put in Moen ORB for several years now and I dont think anyone has ever actually done that and not had any problems

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