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    Talking Add see-through fireplace to load bearing wall

    We would like to install a see-through fireplace to an existing load bearing wall. Has anyone attempted such a feat?

    We cold have either fireplace along or floor to ceiling bookcases, etc..

    Thanks for any assists and advice.


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    Default Re: Add see-through fireplace to load bearing wall

    Adding a "see-through" fireplace to a load-bearing wall requires the same care and considerations as any door, window or any other opening added to a load-bearing wall. Primarily, you need to consider header and loads.

    Fortunately, todays see through style fireplaces donít require as much regard as they once did regarding flame and heat transfer because theyíre, for the most part, an enclosed and decorative space heater with a visible flame.

    Obviously, whenever youíre considering cutting a whole in any bearing wall, you need to consider load bearing and load transfer and an engineer or architect should do that. Most engineers will draw you up a one-page report with a stamp for a few hundred dollars or less, but that price largely depends on his confidence in your builder/contractor.

    Iíve been a general contractor for a few decades and, while I donít usually need that approval, I can get a engineerís stamp on my own drawings for a header addition for a very small fee or nothing at all. A homeowner, asking for the same thing, is normally asking the engineer to take the time to inspect the existing structure and draw the plan and stamp it and take responsibility that the guy doing the work is actually going to understand whatís required and do it correctly. Thatís a big assumption and itís, normally going to cost a lot.

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