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    Default Safely removing paint from a fiberglass tub

    I just bought a mobile home and it has a nice garden tub in the master bedroom. For some reason, someone poured latex paint into the tub. I'm not sure if they were just trying to dispose of it. Anyway, it is coated pretty thick in the bottom and is completely dry and very hard to remove.

    I wanted to know if there is a safe stripper or a safe way to remove the paint and restore the tube to it's original surface w/o hurting the fiberglass. My other question is if I can't remove it, is there a sealer or paint that I refinish with--something that will be water tight and not chip off or wear in water?

    Thank you

    Corey Cimon

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    Default Re: Safely removing paint from a fiberglass tub

    Latex paint will soften if soaked in mineral spirits. which will not harm fiberglass. Plug the tub and lay a rag towel over the paint. Saturate the towel with mineral spirits and let it sit for a while. After an hour or two lift the towel and see if you can work the paint loose. It make take several soakings to get it off. you will want to have the window open or the exhaust fan running to keep the fumes down.

    When you're finished. wipe up any excess mineral spirits and dispose of in an environmentally friendly manner. Do not leave wet rags in a pile, spread them to dry so that they cannot build up heat nor flammable fumes.
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