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    Default No water pressure in the shower

    Over the past few months, I've noticed a dramatic drop in the water pressure in my shower. I changed the shower head thinking it was getting clogged. That didn't work. I still have good pressure throughout the rest of the house. The shower valve is a Temptrol, installed about 5-6 years ago. I tried the adjustment screw in the front but all that did was make the water mix hotter. Do I need to replace the entire valve?

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    Default Re: No water pressure in the shower

    I think your problem is most likely due to the internal piston of the temp-control assembly being hung up. This is a fairly common problem with these types of valves.

    The internal assembly can be removed from the housing (turn off water in house first, of course... if you don't have dedicated stop valves for just the shower)..disassembled and the piston removed. Soaking it and its housing in vinegar *may* do the trick, but often enough I've found that it doesn't.

    In those instances, I will chuck the little piston in my drill and spin it while holding a piece of 400 grit wet or dry sandpaper (the black stuff) up against the exposed portion of the piston for just a few seconds. Then follow up with a piece of #000 or # 0000 steel wool to polish the surface. When that half is done, flip the piston around in the drill chuck and do the other half. Then reassemble things. Should work like new. (This procedure is for metal pistons)

    If this sounds like too much trouble or too complicated, you can always buy a replacement balancing assembly for valve instead.

    Or...the problem your experiencing could be due instead to something like a disentigrating dip-tube in an older water heater. These little bits of plastic will pass thru the hot water lines of the house and clog aerators, etc. If you have noticed any such things and have had to clean out the aerators of other faucets in the house, then this becomes suspect as the problem effecting the shower. The ports inside a temp-balancing shower are small enough to clog with these bits. Disassembly will be required to investigate and/or cure this problem also.
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    Default Re: No water pressure in the shower

    Is the shower head a water saver showerhead?

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