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    Post Oak floor finishing

    What is the hardest finish for old oak flooring. I have dogs in the house that tear up the finish, even with trimmed claws. After one year our polyurethane ( 3 coats ) looks scratched, but is not scratched all the way through to the wood. It looks like there is a separation between the wood and finish which can't be fixed with a recoat.

    Knowing I will have to resand, is there any truth to the finish used on gymnasium floors being the hardest most durable finish available?

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    Default Re: Oak floor finishing

    Your problems are your dogs not the so much the floor finishes ..... anything you put down will get beat up by the dogs.
    If you check out the attached link you'll see the moisture cured types of finishes are the hardest .... also the most expensive.

    there is this product you might consider .......
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