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    Default Is it unadvisable to plan to have oven by the refrigerator?

    Have done some work with a designer who says this is ok because appliances are so well insulated today. This would tighten up my work triangle some, but it makes me nervous.

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    Smile Re: Is it unadvisable to plan to have oven by the refrigerator?

    I myself would advise against having your oven so close to your refrigerator. It is true that refrigerators are better insulated now than they ever have been in the past but ovens can get very hot much hotter even than a dishwasher does when it is turned on,especially when that oven is on its cleaning cycle.
    I will give you an example of something similar that has happened at a house that we rent. We have at that house a combination microwave/range hood and we originally bought it thinking that this would be a good renting point as possible tenants would be drawn to it. Well it turns out that some but not all such microwave/range hoods get damaged by the heat from the cook top. Why? because some of these combinations we have found out from a service technician are not as well insulated as other microwave/range hood combinations.
    The same thing will happen to your refrigerator as you really can't tell by just looking at a refrigerator how well insulated it is and that includes refrigerators with the Energy Star seal. Just ask any appliance repair person and I am sure they will give you the same advice. I think if you still want to have the oven close to the refrigerator I would have it at least one large cabinets width or at least two feet distance. Good luck on your kitchen remodeling!

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    Default Re: Is it unadvisable to plan to have oven by the refrigerator?

    Unfortunately form and function will sometimes clash when it comes to design.

    A previous new home purchased had the fridge right beside the stove.
    I later decided to install a narrow cabinet between the two and by doing this had provided some benefits ... one was a counter surface to place things from the fridge / freezer on as well for items for cooking ...... another was storage for pots, pans and trays.

    The stove's oven is insulated though there is still a small amount of heat that does radiate from it...... warming the surrounding air.

    There was a noticeable performance increase on the fridge since the air space for the fridge was cooler when the two were separated.

    The fridge requires air circulation in order for the heat from the condenser lines to be dissipated into the air. The cooler the ambient air around the fridge the easier the condenser lines will cool and the more efficient the fridge will run.

    2 cents worth.
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    Default Re: Is it unadvisable to plan to have oven by the refrigerator?

    It is not desirable to have the refrigerator and ovens next to each other. It will shorten the life of your refrigerator and increase your energy usage. Good Luck.

    Tara Veith,CKD

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    Default Re: Is it unadvisable to plan to have oven by the refrigerator?

    I am wondering about second oven next to the fridge for occasional holiday and gathering baking/roasting. There would be about 6 inches of space between the 2nd oven and the new refrigerator.

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