Our house is a small wood framed one story, one bedroom built in 1913. The front door was replaced with a Peachtree metal door by a carpenter about 15 years ago (the frame is about 32" X 80"). The door opens out into the porch because there isn't much swing space in the living room. When we shut (slam) the front door, the whole front wall from the door frame to the window next to it and above the door frame shakes. I pried off the bottom of the side moulding (a plinth?) nearer the window and hammered a long nail through the stud underneath into what I hoped was the plate below the door and that seemed to help a little. The wall still shakes, though, and rattles pictures hanging on the wall and even the porch light on the outside of the wall next to the door. The ceilings are 9-feet high and all the old plaster and lath of the walls was replaced about 20 years ago with sheetrock. The ceiling sheetrock is over the lath, if I remember right. The attic is directly above the ceiling over the door, and the ceiling is about 27 inches above the top of the door. I'm hoping for suggestions on how to get the wall to stop shaking.