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    Default Replacing wood guters

    I am attemping to understand what I need to be aware of about gutters.
    (do I REALLY need them on my garage ??)

    Replacing wood with aluminum on a 1920 colonial. Have estimates between $3500-4K for 322 ft of gutter and downspouts .. this seems awfully high?? Are these Boston suburb prices????

    We have recently replaced the ruber flat roofs and fascia board on the side roofs..

    Any thoughts would be appreciated s I am out of my league trying to understand what I really need ..

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    Default Re: Replacing wood guters

    Gutters prevent soil erousion and excessive water drainage at the foundation. Another option you might consider is Rainhandler System that you can install yourself. 325 feet would cost you about $1700 plus S&H and tax if aplicable I believe. Plus you gain the benifit of not haveing to clean gutters.
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