house built in 1860's - there is no outside sheathing - we go from studs/beams to the clapboard siding. The outside paint is peeling, there are rusty nail heads showing and there is mold under some of the paint. My plan? Right now I am thinking about a good grade of vinyl siding. If I want to vinyl side it - do I need to remove all the old paint/pressure wash or something to get rid of any mold? Can i put some sort of insulation under the siding? What questions should I ask if I talk to a siding contractor? At this point, I am just scraping old paint while I figure out what to do....Can anyone help this beginner? I'm not afraid of hard work, but I hate to do hard work twice over! House is two story, small, just 1,000 square feet with very little in the way of architectural interest - plain old farmhouse-