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    Default US Real estate market ?

    What is your view on where the real estate market in US is heading?

    As I have heard from many in real estate field is it heading through a trough?
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    Default Re: US Real estate market ?

    Well, he's how it as affected me... at the beginning of the year I was looking at acquiring one additional rental property before the years end, but because of some terrific deals recently I have been able to purchase 3 more homes. Had the slump not occurred I would not have been able to do this. If things don't get any better over the next year I will probably be able to add another 2 properties before the end of next year.
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    Default Re: US Real estate market ?

    My 2¢....depending on locations......

    Real estate markets in Pa and NJ aren’t doing very well. It is going to get worse before it gets better but in Charlotte, Winston Salem and Raleigh area, real estate market is doing a lot better than we thought.

    FYI..... I don't go by polls or statistic on internet; I just go by real world scenarios.
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    Default Re: US Real estate market ?


    I thing BigWalt has it right,... Location, Location, Location.

    I am in upstate NY and while we were left in the dust on the big real estate run up of the past few years, we now have an OK, but not awe inspiring market. To be clear, things are slow, but not crippling.

    Nationally, I think if we are not at the bottom of the market, we are pretty close, the next few months should tell.


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