I don’t mind the new TOH. I may not catch every episode but I will tune in on a Sunday afternoon if I’m home. I like the Weston project as well. The panels and beams built and cut in a factory and installed on-site are pretty amazing and show what can be done with today’s technology and computer operated tools.

To me; Ask TOH pretty much fills the void for the old shows and the boys use pretty basic tools to get the job done.

Norm’s show shows what can be done with wood in the hands of a master craftsman. I like that program as well but do not have many of the tools used to do many of the projects that he does.

Last year I went to a woodworking and quilt show that was hosted in a history museum in Colorado Springs, CO. I made a bid on an eclectic quilt that was constructed from hand dyed fabric scraps, cuts from art quality magazine black and white want-adds, soda can cut-outs and tarp grommets. I won the bid and went to the artists home in the old part of the Palmer residential area in CO Springs after the show was over to purchase and pick up the quilt……. The streets there are wide enough to turn around a horse drawn wagon…………… When I stepped up to the porch of her home it was filled with whimsical wind chimes and other interesting and artful pieces.

The inside of her home as well was filled with antiques and some very interesting and unusual art work……… She explained to me that they could never afford “real” art work so they made their own. She explained that my new quilt started out as a way to use scraps for homemade post cards and turned into a quilt………….. She won an award for her quilt and I’m the very proud owner of it.


I guess my whole point is that I would like to see more programs teaching basic skills. I just finished my new office with very nice built in plan tables as well as a new laminated top desk with Craftsman style supports for the legs. I just used basic tools and a skill level beyond basic is not required. Basic tools included; a builder grade table saw. A good electric chop box, a doweling jig, router and laminate bit, drill and bits. It is great and cost a couple hundred bucks for material.

My current project is a re-upholster and refinish a couple of old bar stools for free………..

Take two pennies and hold them together between a thumb and forefinger really tight, Then try and rub them together…………. You can’t and that is me.