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    Default brass vs PVC fittings for PEX

    I am not sure if the benefit of brass is worth the extra cash, we are doing a budget renovation on an old duplex. The copper has been ripped out (by thievs) and we thought we would try PEX.

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    Default Re: brass vs PVC fittings for PEX

    I'm thinking of converting to pex myself. I work in a hardware store and have found that both kinds of quick connect fittings work. The pvc fittings have to have the pipe seated in them all the way. Customers have come back and said fittings were defective but were shown how to tell when the pipe is seated.
    They are relatively close in price. For myself, I would go for the brass.

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    Default Re: brass vs PVC fittings for PEX

    Howdy, one benefit with PEX is less fittings needed because it is flexible. I priced the quick connect verses the brass with stainless crimp rings. Brass was less. So its what i am using. Wish Dahl 1/4 turn miniature crome valves were more available where i live as they are way cool.

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