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    Smile Insulating Square Ductwork

    I have square heating and return ductwork running through the garage before going up to and returning from the 2nd floor. What is the best method of insulating this ductwork? Can I wrap fiberglass insulation around them or should I build a box around them, insulate, and then enlcose them? Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Get duct wrap from the home store (in a roll) and use staples and quilted tape. Its sort of like duct tape but it has a fiberglass string cris crossed into it and will hold up better.

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    spray it with 2lb foam. You can buy a DIY kit and apply 1-2" When you are done, you will have no leaks, it will be maintenance free, no sweating in the summer if you run AC, and it will never fall out of place.

    Permanent fix.

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