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    Default Cement board to close off post & pier?

    We live in the Pacific NW in a 70 year old home. The post and pier is in good shape (redone not too many years ago. We have T-111 siding, also in good shape. There are pieces of left-over T-111 and plywood tucked behind where the siding ends and extending to the ground level. We are thinking of using cement board to replace to enclose the area between the siding and the ground. Is this the right fix? Do we need to put something elso down where the cement board would actually touch the ground? This is on the south side of our house (full sun), is very dry (protected by roof overhangs and gutters and downspouts) and has excellent drainage.


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    Default Re: Cement board to close off post & pier?

    Does it freeze there?

    If so...no go. Any moisture in the cement board will expand and that will be the beginning of the end.

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