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    Default fein multi-master wheel tools for removing grout from stone tiles

    After recommendations we got the fein multi-master tool and a tile work kit. The tool and pieces for removing caulk and loose tiles worked without a problem.

    We are having difficulty using the wheels to remove grout from the tile fields we want to leave in place and regrout. We have both kinds of the diamond wheels and the metal wheel. Tried all three but still having problems with the stone tiles getting flake chips even though we are being very careful to not actually touch the stone tiles with the wheel when it is spinning.

    Any user tips? We've watched the videos over and over - any experienced advice is welcomed!

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    Default Re: fein multi-master wheel tools for removing grout from stone tiles

    Tina first the wheel does not spin on the multi-master it oscillates. So when its running and oscillating very fast where you see the edge of the wheel or blade may be an optical illusion. When you are removing the thin set from the field area you have to watch where the the thinset is being removed not where you see the blade. That area will be slightly out from where you see the blade.
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