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Thread: Refacing brick

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    Smile Refacing brick

    What is the best and safest material to use on refacing an interior brick chimney behind my free standing woodstove? Plaster, cement, stucco...what? The chimney comes out 13" from the back brick wall, which extends 8" on each side. The face of the chimney is 16" across. The chimney extends 8' up from the base of the tile floor to the ceiling. We want to cover the ugly brick and make it contrast with the new tile floor. Thanks.

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    First, you need to see what the fire codes in your area allow. Generally, there are minimum distances that the heat source must be from combustible materials (stove and flue proximity to the wall/combustibles ). On heat sheilds I've installed we've had to put metal furring strips on the wall then attach cement backer, then apply tile or faux brick. The furring strips act as a thermal break as well as allow airflow behind the screen to prevent the build up of heat on the wall.

    Again, check what the codes require in your area because EVERY jurisdiction is different.
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