I have a 1930's house with sand plaster and lathe walls. The foyer has been painted with an oil base paint (used to be a kitchen)and has a layer of wallpaper on it that won't stay stuck.Before applying the wallpaper, the walls were scrubbed and sized, then the paper was glued to the walls using a standard wall paper adhesive. After a short period of time, the paper began to come loose from the wall. No matter what glue was used, it won't stay stuck. On one wall, we applied a flannel type material that was glued to the wall and then the paper was glued to that material and it seemed to hold much better --- sad to say, even this material is coming unglued. I would be willing to put drywall over the existing surface, except the foyer has 5 doorways and lots of trim. Has anyone ever tried 1/8" masonite as a wallpaper base? The masonite's thin enough to not require removing the trim, but may not be a good surface to glue wallpaper onto.

Anybody got any good ideas?