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    Default dry well overflow

    I bought a 1955 ranch house two years ago and I've had some basement flooding (usually in March/April) that I'm not sure how to resolve.

    The house has a one-car garage under the house; the basement door opens off the garage. The driveway angles down from the street into the garage, and at the base of the driveway there's a dry well -- about 6-8 ft deep and maybe 3-4 ft wide.

    When we get a heavy rain, the dry well overflows, floods the driveway, then the garage, and if it rains hard enough, it overflows into the basement.

    There's also a sump pit in the utility room -- about a 2x2 ft hole, maybe 18 in deep, lined with gravel. Ground water rises up in this pit and contributes to the basement flooding.

    We're able to get ahead of the flooding with portable sump pumps, but during heavy overnight rains, we end up with water in the basement.

    It seems pretty clear that I need a sump pump in the pit in the utility room, but I'm pretty baffled about what to do about the dry well problem. One plumber suggested that the dry well was old and probably had cracks and should be replaced. Pricey, and I'm wondering if that would actually solve the problem, or if I need to look at installing a sump pump in the garage, drilling a hole in the foundation somehow to make a pit for it. Or if there's some other solution.

    I'm not even sure what kind of contractor(s) I might need for this, and I'm hoping there might be some less expensive solutions than excavating the driveway.

    Any advice would be appreciated!
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