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    Default Water dripping in around drainfield pipe

    About 2 years ago, put in a new front garden, leveling it out with dirt and building a stone wall around it. Visually, looks very nice. Starting last year, when we've had heavy rain, water is dripping in around the pipe on the wall in the basement leading to the drainfield. My guess is the builder didn't seal this pipe leading into the house, and I've aggravated it as the water is now not running down along side the house, as I've flattened it out with the new garden.
    Am considering tearing out the garden and reestablishing the old grade. Or, can I tear garden up, layer some gravel and level the garden again? Am wondering if water will still leak into the basement around the pipe?

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    Default Re: Water dripping in around drainfield pipe

    What you might want to try is putting a french drain in alog the foundation rather than tearing out th garden.
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