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    Default Tiling on cement patio protects membrane?

    Can anyone provide me any engineering advice if there is a law or hazard on tiling over my condo apartment rebar enforced cement balcony? If I seal the cement using cement sealer, apply layer of roll-on rubber membrane, mortar down 5/8" cement board, making sure it is properly slanted for drainage, then tile over top, would this be enough to prevent the existing skim coat cement membrane from creating any rusting of the rebar below in my patio? I would like to beautify this deck, but do not want to create a safety hazard or want to remove if the "membrane' needs inspection. I live on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Tiling on cement patio protects membrane?

    As long as you use frost proof exterior tile and apply it per tile council of america recommendations and/or local practice, you don't need cement board or a waterproof membrane. A cleavage membrane maybe to keep it from cracking. Water won't penetrate the tile any more and probably less than it will the concrete. Rusting reinforcing can be a problem on bridges where salt is used, but I've never heard of any particular problems with buildings. Incorporating a bit of slope like 1/8" per foot wouldn't be a bad thing if there isn't any pitch already.
    TCA manual used to be available ****** free in pdf.

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